Motorcycle Insurance

We need a motorbike to consume our time because it takes less place on the road and moves quickly compare to car and other vehicles. It is easy to move with a motorcycle from one place to another. The bike is the most usable vehicle in the world. Anyone who rapidly moves from one place to another he might have a bike. It minimizes his move around time. It is easy to park.

Insurance means protection. Insuring a motorbike is essential for those who have a motorbike..

Motorcycle insurance is needed for those who travel on a public road. Because now a day in Bangladesh road accident is almost common. Insurance just not a financial safety but protect any one’s bike. In a survey, road accident takes 12000 life and more than 35000 injuries. After accident insurance can minimize the losses. When you want to purchase an insurance policy first you read their terms and conditions so you can know everything about their policy. If you think any term is against should not purchase a policy because in future companies don’t consider your claim. There are three types of insurance policies available in Bangladesh. Because there are different people in our country. So it is not to knowing astonished different people have different choices. if you choose type one or two policies so you will pay a high premium. Because it brings more safety for you.

The insurance policy helps you to get compensation from the company if it faces any kind of accident.

Type three insurance policy companies do not pay any damage if occur. 

What is needed

  1. Bikes blue book.
  2. Passport size photo of two copies.
  3. A national ID card.
  4. Road permit.
  5. Memo.

The first time it costs 200TK when you renew it you pay 225TK. It’s for one year.

Some companies help to get motorcycle insurance

  • City General Insurance Company Limited.
  • Continental Insurance Company Limited.
  • Crystal Insurance company limited.
  • Nitol Insurance company limited.
  • Reliance Insurance Company Limited.

How to get motorcycle insurance?

Most motorcycle owners have liability insurance to get motorbike coverage. It’s different for different states. In Florida, you have $1000 in medical benefits. You have the license, memos and other documents to get motorcycle insurance.

Get discount

  • Buy another policy such as homeowner’s insurance.
  • Nice driving record.
  • Insure more motorcycle.

Completeness a motor training course can cut money.

Motorcycle insurance depends on the owner’s age and driving record. With a good driving record motorcycle’s owner age between 16 to 24, he will charge annually $1600 to $2100. With a bad driving record, it will $1600 to $3200. But when the motorcycle owner celebrates his 25th birthday the insurance premium goes down. 

There are many motorcycle brands around you. You may be confused when you decide to purchase a motorcycle. In that case, we will help you. Top 5 motorcycle brands we found that are

  • Yamaha
  • Harley-Davidson.
  • Suzuki.
  • Honda.
  • Kawasaki.

But a different person has a different choice.

Generally owning a motorcycle is cheaper than a car. Sometimes it may be wrong.

Harley-Davidson is sometimes more expensive than a car.

It’s not mandatory to have insurance to buy a new motorcycle. When you have a motorcycle at first you try to get a license. Next, you may have motorcycle insurance.

So no one has motorcycle insurance without a motorcycle.

When a motorcycle gets older its premium goes down.


Try to cover all about motorcycle insurance. You may have other queries. With your queries comment below. So I try to get in touch with you with your answer.