Achieving its production on a milestone of 100 million to celebrate it Honda declared that they produce another series motorbike called cub series. Under the cub series two models are 50 cc another is 100 cc.It is available in market as soon as possible. It will be available both classic and professional versions.

Honda authority announced that it will be an iconic model.Honda constantly produce two wheeler science 1958. It has 16 Honda factories in 15 countries.

Honda assure that the basic super cub 50 and 110 are now producing in China. But they also set a production line in their Japan factory. The super cub available in market on November 10.

It will have bright LED lights with energy saving.  Its engine will be single cylinder but it has a modern look. Also have a function piston.

It will be available with many color option. Some model contains a bucket informant of it and some are not.