Fuel of e bike

E-bikes batteries are mostly known as its fuel. It’s the most important part of the e-bike. E-bikes speed deepens on it.


E-bikes battery mostly placed one of its rods placed on the lower part of the biker.


















There are two types of battery found for e bike lithium polymer and the other is lead acid. The most aware countries like USA.UK,Canada used polymer battery.



35 million e bikes were sold in Chinese market most of them have lead acid battery. Only some of them around 2.8 million have lithium battery.

Lead acid battery is less popular than lithium polymer battery. The total battery market mostly captured by lithium battery and the rest captured by lead acid battery.


The lithium battery is light and have many cells so it have a long life. On the other hand lead acid battery is heavy and have a short period of life.


Battery charge lasting on its capacity. Various capacity of battery available in market. Like 24,36,48V It also deepens on management system and the way you ride.


If the e bike battery is heavyer so the price go high. 36V battery cost 200 pound but its not fix.