Choosing a Moyorcycle

Buying a motorcycle is always difficult. When he knew together he spend money for its kit also. Its a huge investment. I will shear about some thing that will help you a lot when you want to pick a motorcycle.


Now we are discussing about YahamaYFZ-R3. Its entry pretty late in market but amazingly stylish. It has a great speed with space in back. It is very comfortable for climbing up high mountain. Its instantly speed is not believable.

But it is not very popular in professional riders.


It has 296cc engine. So its speed is awesome. Average speed is 80mph but its high speed is 9000mph. Its breaks are amazingly fine. The chances of its accident is very low. It has a tank 17 litter.

Honda CBR 500r

It released in 2015. Honda motorcycle is well known in bikers all over the world. Has a 471cc engine. It go very far. It has very sharp break. It runs in heavy traffic.

Above all three bike the Honda CBR 500r is most heavier in all aspects of  fell.

At last all three bikes are amazing.